Surviving Electric Zoo: 5 Tips To Rave By

As the weekend approaches we at are eagerly counting down the minutes until Made Event's 4th Annual Electric Zoo, the next 11,370 of them to be exact (yes, we counted). This Labor Day weekend, tens of thousands will rush the 4-stage EDM Festival located on NYC’s Randall’s Island Park and enjoy hours upon hours of big, loud, and live music. If you’re one of the lucky to-be attendees, our team of experienced festival-goers have worked out some survival tips to maximize next weekend’s enjoyment.

Survival Fact #1: Cellphones are useless
Those who have been to music festivals know, getting service long enough to send out a text is like winning the lottery, and even then, your text most likely won’t get it till much much later. In other words, it’s nearly impossible to communicate with people not in your immediate vicinity. As such, since most of you will be coming along in group of friends, I urge you to figure out a meet-up spot early,  so everybody knows where to go when you get separated from one another (notice we said when, it will happen, seas of a few 10 thousand people are easy to get lost in.). The art exhibits in the middle are a good place, or just a shady spot under one of the decorated trees, either way it’ll make you all happier & much less stressed.

PS - When you’re really in a bind…
    -Bring walkie-talkies
    -Have one friend bring something really tall
    -iPhone users, turn iMessage to OFF in the “Messages” settings, send texts that way

Survival Fact #2: It’s a festival, enjoy the festivities
Massage tables, art exhibits, electric forests, face paints, and gigantic spray fans are just a handful of the “festivities” Electric Zoo has had in it’s brief three year history. This year, Made Events is promising more stuff then ever before, so enjoy it. Although the obvious focus of the festival is all the live music, take a little time doing some of the other activities setup just for you. Relax, indulge a little, and don’t miss out on a thing.

Survival Fact #3: Think like your mom… If she was a raver
Don’t do anything too stupid. It’s awesome getting caught up into the moments of an exciting festival, but that also makes it very easy to forget to do a lot of the obvious things we should be doing everyday. Eat big, hearty meals before coming to the concert and make sure to eat while you’re there. Even more important then that is staying hydrated. Made Events does a great job of littering the landscape with massive water-refilling/water fountains, so it’s easy, do it and your body will thank you later. Lastly, actually use the bathrooms. There will be a few hundred portables on Randall’s Island and no matter how messed up you’re getting, even if you can’t tell, your body continues to function. If it’s been like 5 hours since your last bathroom break, chances are it’s time for another one. And we almost forgot, don’t make out with the trees… too much.

Survival Fact #4: Don’t over-plan, just over-indulge
Far too often people heading to their favorite festival’s layout a strict schedule so they don’t miss any of the artists they’ve come to see. While it’s a good idea to make a schedule with Electric Zoo’s schedule app, you should also leave room to just “go with the flow.” You’ll never know who you meet up with or what they, your friends, or even you will feel like listening to in the moment. Live it up. Electric Zoo is about more then just bragging about who you were able to see in 72 hours, it’s about the experience you had with the people around you and the memories that follow.

There’s no point in stopping at a set for 15 minutes just to say you were there, you’ll always have a better time sticking around a stage and experiencing a set from beginning to end. These artists create their sets to tell a story, it’s fun to be a part of it.

Survival Fact #5: Challenge the unknown
Whether it’s Electric Forest, EDC, or Electric Zoo we always try to see someone we’re not familiar with. Maybe you’ve just never seen them perform or you just simply don’t know their music, either way, allow yourself to be surprised. Who knows, if you’re lucky, your favorite performance of the weekend will come from somebody you totally didn’t expect. Jive to a little disco, test out some moombahton, let your love for EDM grow.

Keep your eyes peeled for at the festival, we’ll be all over the place. Now to send you off, here’s a pre-game mix from Nicky Romero — he’s just as excited about the festival as we are!